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  ① lamps practicality. To ensure that the indoor illumination light, light to ensure health, eye protection, eye protection, light color and no abnormal psychological or physiological reactions, lighting firm, flexible line safety switch. There is a sense, decorative lighting that is practical, otherwise, decorative issues would be impossible. For example, the use of decorative lamps room, people enjoy the same time, the mind and body relax, this lighting effect reflected the decorative real value.
  ② decorative lamps. First, ornamental, beautiful lighting materials, unique shape, color is beautiful novel; the second is coordination, fabric lamp form is designed to coordinate with the room decor, complete with furnishings, furniture and lighting design material type body material consistency , to reflect the owner's mood; the third is prominent personality, according to the color of light people need to create a certain atmosphere, such as warm, calm, comfortable, quiet, peaceful, and so on. Highlight the particularity of the owner of the lighting requirements, reflecting the different personalities. Under the premise to ensure that light, giving the United States enjoyment of the arts, this is the practicality of lighting and decorative unity binding; specific to each piece of lighting, there is emphasis on lighting, there is emphasis on decoration, and there are two of . Choose when you want to combine the characteristics of different people, different purposes and interior decoration requirements into account.

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