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  Elderly: the elderly living habits simple, love of quiet, the use of lighting color, shape, set off to the elderly elegant demeanor. Available lamp body unit combination lanterns chandeliers or ceiling. For the convenience of the elderly night to urinate, it can set a long light illumination in the bed. Lighting source Incandescent appropriate.
  Middle-aged: the dominant middle-aged family, but also on the pillars of the cause of lighting shape, color concise and clear. Cloth lamp it is necessary to reflect the personality, but also reflect the style of the body, such as a spin table lamp or floor lamp arm to facilitate learning and work. To meet the need to lie down to read bedtime reading newspaper, bedside lamp metal cover holder best selection of electronic components built with touch-sensing lamps, or small and movable type bedside lamp.
  Young people: young people lighting to highlight the new, extraordinary and special. Available chandelier lamp body fitted with laser glass sheet, after power can diffract the intoxicating colorful illusion. Available lamp modern light and sound electronic technology perfect combination of lighting, it can create a pleasant atmosphere.
  Children: Child lighting is best unpredictable, highlight a surprising increase in children's imagination, is conducive to intellectual development. Lighting shape, color, both to reflect the playful, but also conducive to the healthy growth of children. Body lamp concise and lively, concise style chandelier available or ceiling; homework light on the desktop should be bright, animal modeling lamp can be used, but should be taken to ensure illumination. Because children are curious, restless, so the lighting is absolutely safe and reliable guarantee. ?.

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