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  Among people accustomed to a room there for general lighting purposes "subject light", mostly with chandelier or ceiling mounted in the center of the room. Set up an additional wall lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, etc., as "assist lamp," according to need for local lighting or auxiliary lighting. The so-called "light body" and "assist lamp" is a relative term, under certain conditions, replacement features will occur. Such as a room-storey insufficient 2.5M, area is not large, it should not set up multi-lamp, in particular should not be located large chandelier with a beautiful wall lamp or two to play a role in the general lighting and decoration. Evening study, work together with lamp, table lamp shade with translucent plastic, the upper part of the diffused light can meet the needs of general lighting, the lower part to meet the requirements of local lighting.
  If the room is relatively large, the height generally about 3M, but also a multi-purpose room light level to be considered colorful cloth, the general lighting and local lighting combine, where required and in accordance with the principle where the cloth in all kinds of lighting the lamp configuration. Otherwise, you can not meet the versatile needs. Public large hall or in meeting rooms, lighting and decorative lighting in the main. As tall central hall must be equipped with tall ceiling lights; the small central feature ceiling; downlight with rest, surrounded by walls with proper wall lamp. Specific cases, the distinction processing.

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