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  With the continuous development of technology, people's lives inside filled with a variety of electronic products. Smart phone for people is indispensable, like for example, inside the wallet may not have money, but certainly not without a mobile phone. For smart phone charging solutions, we will have a lot of trouble: the data line is too messy and easily broken, charging socket is not enough and so on.
  Wireless charging lamp configuration is very simple, using a bent transparent plexiglass and Canadian maple as the main component of the lamp, so that the production, the production process of the product have become easy for them. Transparent plexiglass lamp not only look more elegant, and has good light transmission properties.
  The selection of a dense wood, beautiful patterns and glossy good Canadian maple as a wireless charging base, more lamp quality. About wireless charging, the use of international Qi wireless charging standard, different brands of products, as long as there is a Qi logo, can be used to achieve the Qi wireless charger mobile wireless charging function.
  On Lamps Add to mobile wireless charging function, so rich product features, but also allows users to plug the phone line to reduce the trouble of charging and reducing desktop cable clutter around. The minimalist table lamp, light design, coupled with plexiglass lamp post it in the desktop space utilization is very low. Eye lighting aspects of using source, COB LED surface light source uniformly soft and flicker-free.
  Lamps with stepless touch switch, the user can adjust the brightness of the light of the heart, to better protect our eyes. At work, the phone suddenly no electricity, no longer need to find the charger, you just need to gently put the phone on the Design-Pie wireless charging lamp maple board on it, very convenient. 

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