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  Some high-end users in the selection of villas decorated lamps when just nice to see the shape of the product, the product price is relatively high, which seems to be not with the environment with no apparent attention. In the luxury crystal lamp selection, since the price is relatively high, after the installation will need to be replaced if they feel is inappropriate to waste a lot of budget, so the selection should pay attention to the following details.
  First, we need to pay attention to whether the size of the room complexes. When the lighting manufacturers in the selection of some lady saw a small lamp that is very beautiful, you want to install in the room, and saw some large chandelier, from the roof directly pouring down to the ground, the want to buy and install. Here there is a relatively large defects, such an installation effect is not good. Small lamps if installed in large living room, itself is not proportionate; and if you install a relatively large chandelier in the living room, the vertical ground, after installing the safety of children can guarantee?
  Second, we must pay attention to the brand. In some brands, a luxury crystal lamp Guida millions, indeed quality and quality are good, if the effect will decorate the room is quite good. But as a user have not thought about the value of such products and the price of the product itself is not the same, while in other manufacturers is not also have this available.
  In the villa's decoration, lighting is a series of choices in the selection, not only to pay attention to fit the size of the room, but also pay attention to the brand to bring high prices, even for high-end users in the procurement of luxury crystal lamp amount of time, we must pay attention to the cost is not worth it.

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