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  Household crystal lighting is an essential part of home life, their different shapes, different colors, different sizes and different materials will create different lighting effects, so that the room show the perfect and different atmosphere. So, on the face of the market a variety of types of crystal lighting, how should consumers buy it? Now we have to summarize the crystal lighting tricks to buy it!
   Tips to buy one: consumers should choose the most adapted to their needs like crystal lighting according to their personal. If you focus on practicality home, it is best to choose black or dark lines striped ceiling or floor lamp, and if the focus on the decoration or modern, it can consider choosing lively type of crystal lighting. And if consumers are more in love on national characteristics, it can be selected with a crystal sculpture lighting technology.
  Optional Skills II: Consumers should choose the environment in harmony with the home decoration crystal lighting. The room where the lighting arrangement should take into account the entire home decor, and household appliances to the colors to adapt, but also pay attention to the overall coordination of the entire room, otherwise it will seem very uncoordinated. Everyone in the choice of interior wallpaper is best to choose light-colored type, so that you can create a softer lighting environment.
  Shopping tips three: when selecting fixtures and furniture of the indoor area number to configure. It must be based on space when configuring the lamp, otherwise it will become too crowded. If you are hanging mural room, it can be set off by installing the Wall the perfect ambience. Different families should be based on a different decor to match different crystal lighting.

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