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  Lampshade upgrading faster, and most of them are designers carefully designed lighting, the lamp, the lamp will not have to replace the whole, just need to replace the lamp shade outside. Therefore want a change of environment to replace the shade is a good choice.
  First, let's look at what, simple and elegant fabric lampshade gives the impression of different materials lampshade bring decorative effect have, paper lampshades can create a hazy and dreamy atmosphere, a kind of cold metal shade tone temperament and modern, and the drum-shaped shade is to bring people nostalgic feelings. In the bedroom we can choose silk material shade, especially hand-sewn and hand-painted lampshades, can bring soft feel of the room, adding to the intimate atmosphere; the living room can choose linen or parchment shade material.
  Secondly, in the color just a little attention on it, white lampshade light penetration is better, you can mix and crystal base, and create a sparkling effect; black and colored light penetrating relatively backward some, can light down emissions so that local strong light, you can mix and bronze base.
  Finally, according to the shape of the lamp holder shade to choose, if the lamp holder is curved, it is necessary to select the appropriate shade with some style curve holders are flat line, the more rules on the choice of the shade, if you look lampholder thick, conical shade can choose to reduce this heavy feeling.
  Lampshade in use for some time, not only has a dust cover, as well as long-term exposure to light, resulting in loss of color, we can use these small way, to do the cleaning in the details of the shade to extend the life of the lamp shade.

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