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  Crystal lamp with a minimum read and write at night in order to exist, along with the quality of people's living standards continue to improve, and today has successfully lamp out of the simple concept of lighting. Lamp has become a modern home decoration essential decorations. In the modern house decoration design, a beautiful lamp, a suitable placement, will add some warmth to your home, after a busy day when you dragged his exhausted body home to open a table lamp, the kind of home feeling, relying immediately be reflected in the kind of soul. Especially in the cold winter night, a lamp exudes warmth, but also allows you to feel the thick taste of home.
  General living room sofa corner, next to a few cases can easily form a large blank range, then, if placed in a special shape, personality as a decorative lamp, the effect is not general. Meanwhile, the living room is also a good reading, reading the newspaper and open place. Therefore, it is necessary to lamp in the living room. When we choose lamps for the living room, should be based on the entire home design style, so harmonious style table lamp become a little note. Mostly modern minimalist style living room, the choice of lamps, those tend to be the style of modern materials, such as PVC material with metal base, gauze fabric plus crystal glass base. The living room European-style wooden lamp base with optional Symphony glass lamps, crystal table lamp or classical styling. Different styles with different lamps, the two complement each other.
  When the lamp is turned on when the space becomes quiet, faint glow shining room, a quiet, a peaceful, a healthy, a beautiful, warm delivered to the rooms you heart.

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