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  Lamp is a household appliances in people's lives for lighting. Depending on the functional classification are: reading lamps, decorative lamp. Reading lamps, lamp body compact and lightweight form factor, refers specifically to read and write the lamp, this lamp can generally adjust the height of the poles, light direction and brightness, mainly lighting reading function; decorative lamp luxurious appearance, material and style diverse, light body structure is complex, the effect of space for embellishment, decorative lighting function and function are equally important.
  Crystal table lamp has been raised from a simple home lighting into local lighting and decorative features of the coexistence of home lighting. Consumer market now tends to lead to crystal table lamp styles such as pebbles, modern crystal table lamp, there are also European crystal table lamps, as well as crystal candle lamp, crystal table lamp, and so singular.
  We do not think that the dolphin sparkling crystal lamps only the role of decoration, a bright light crystal table lamps to rely on these tiny crystals of. Crystal angular and bright and clean cutting surface crystal lamp, the more the higher the refractive index of the crystal, crystal table lamp emitting light effects are also possible.
  1. kerosene. First crystal parts removed, then soaked in kerosene, with a toothbrush gently wipe the surface until the surface dirt softened, scrub with a detergent;
  2. cleaning with special detergents. Spraying the surface of the crystal lighting special cleaning agents, crystal ball or crystal pieces of dust will be as volatile liquid and was taken away.
  Both of these methods simple, effective, and quick, unlike the crystal chandeliers and crystal wall lamp. Crystal chandeliers can not rotate the lamp body, many restricted difficult to clean, most of the expertise needed cleaning; crystal lamp is relatively higher than the height of some people, the more tiring climb up and down.

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