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  In the home, the bedroom is a people get rid of fatigue, physical and mental rest, recharge your batteries space. Therefore, the bedroom light environment should be warm and cozy for the pursuit of purpose. Configuring decent bedside lamp, lighting in the bedroom is often the most out of color.
  Overall atmosphere bedroom lighting emphasis is warm, compared to the room for daily living needs of the main light, but also possesses the owner bedside lamp bedside reading, dressing, topical dressing lighting needs, not only that, if properly arranged, it can also play a regulatory bedroom atmosphere, beautify the living room effect. It can be said, it is a bedside lamp for general lighting, local lighting, decorative lighting three functions in one. Therefore, lighting effects bedside lamp should be bright and soft, it is possible to create a warm style. Bedside lamp light tends to be soft, mainly in order to meet the mental state of people at night, dazzling light will dispel your sleep, make eye discomfort.

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