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  1) bedside lamp should be higher than sit posture
  If you choose the lamp for the bedside lamp, but also in the habit of reading before going to sleep, it should pay attention to let light range lamp sit slightly higher than their position. Because the height of the lamp if you are lying in bed with a high degree of consensus or lower in reading, because of the direct light can not easily make a book of eye discomfort. Therefore, the need for reading, in addition to your bedside lamp raised position, you can also install a wall lamp dimmable bedside background wall.
  2) Select the Wall to be set aside or wire
  Wall mounting location is generally in the top of the bed, or the middle of a double-headed lamp, or one on each side, but to remind you that, if not set aside the wire head against a wall before the renovation, it is best not to choose wall lamp for bedside lighting. Because Wall often installed in the middle of the wall, there is no dark line, you need to position the wall by wall lamp pull a wire, so it is pretty smooth walls of.
  3) bedside lamp switch should be palpable
  Whether you choose a table lamp, wall or floor lamps for the bedside lamp, must take into account whether the lamp switch and easy to adjust. Because different types of lamps placed in its position of installation are not the same, or by the bedside stand a slender floor lamp or table lamp in place a European-style walnut nightstand, bedside or wall mounted on small wall lamp. If the bedside light switch does not let you lie when palpable, that just when you are drowsy want to turn off the lights, you have to again look for big moves effortlessly switch or adjust the brightness, this way, I am afraid your sleep running out.
  4) energy-saving lamps are not dimmable
  Due to low energy saving lamp itself is light, compared to ordinary light bulb can be made the same power. If you then make energy-saving lamp adjustable light, energy-saving lamps that will light conversion efficiency due to frequent and reduce service life. So, when you want to select an adjustable light source, to purchase ordinary light bulbs should be appropriate.

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